Unmistakale Felicity

August 27, 2011

Listening to: I'm Yours-Jason Mraz
Cool Word: Vicissitude

I am sitting here on a swing in my back yard admiring the bright colors that are presumptuously blooming, turning the once graceless scenery into a wonderland of elegance, serenity and whimsical daydreams. Too long has it been since I have taken the time to sit still and admire creation.

 I have undeniably ignored the desire to be out in the world taking in the beauty of our Majesty and His artistic abilities. I am often busy with everyday life and forget or put off taking time to stand in awe of the Wonders of the Cross. But when I do take the time to get lost in the majesty surrounding me, I am too speechless to speak, but enamored by the One to took the time to make every detail so superb, it demands my attention.

As I sit swinging rather clumsily I cannot help but close my eyes and let the sunshine creep up on my face, like Ivy does to a cute cottage in the country side. Fluttering lazily about, the wind sends a calming shiver down my spine-almost as if it were a comforting hug or greeting from the One Most High. 

I feel translucent in the presence of the Son. It's as if He were the sun's rays lighting up my face making it glow cherry red, and the wind on my skin reminding me of the sensational ability to feel, imagine and hope.

Maybe it's just me, but as I continue to swing-hoping not to topple backwards-life beckons me to take in the pleasurable beauties of what our God and King can do, and did in seven days. 

While humbled at the spectacle before my eyes-the calm serenity of a lackadaisical afternoon-I am left molded to my swing as the joys of the wonderfully whimsical afternoon, leaves constituted within me a chipper disposition that, if not carefully watched, may playfully bubble over with unmistakable felicity.

This love is why we were made.

August 15, 2011

Been a while, huh? Sorry for leaving you all hanging, wondering where the heck I've disappeared to. 0_o

I haven't gone anywhere, actually. Okay....so Tumbler has become my latest obsession. But, I will not leave you all. Promise. I haven't posted much here because I have been spiritually under the weather and thought it best that I stop blogging for a while until the fog lifts. 

I didn't want to post anything out of the fear that I would not be effective for Christ in my state of weakness. Hey...in my weakness. God uses weakness to lead the strong, right. Well, this sort of weakness wouldn't have moved a two ton boulder. I was so stuck in the mud. 

Today I am back. Bright and fresh with a new energy and purpose.  Yay!

Nothing can take his love from us. I can say that of no other love. God pursues us, courts us, and woos us to remind us. His love changes every day; it either intensifies or my understanding of it grows. His love is all we have ever dreamed of. And his kiss, the most passionate we will ever know. This love is why we were made.~ Nicole Johnson

August 9, 2011