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I Am Staying Single Until I Find a Guy Like My Dad & Brother

Men are peculiar creatures. 
They opt for mowing the lawn right as dinner is being served. 
They opt for eating a huge mess of chips and salsa right before Sunday lunch. A forty percent chance of rain is in the forecast for the day; nevertheless, their mission is to wash and wax the car completely. Spick and span, shiny and ready to hit the highway; and as always it starts to rain right after, too. 
They object to watching sappy chick-flicks but are usually the ones more engrossed in the plot line than you are. 
They say they don’t like shopping, yet when the time does come to shop [i.e., grocery shopping, etc.], they’re the first ones in the car and the last ones to want to head back home. 
They say they’re hardcore and opt for bitter coffee but never decline your offer for a spot of Lemon Zinger tea if they know you’re brewing a pot; because they’re secretly little boys who still like to feel warm and safe inside and out.
Men are peculiar creatures because although some come across…

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